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Hands of Change Announces New Pathway to Membership

In recent months we came to the realization that our pathway to membership had some systemic issues which often led to unanticipated consequences. Those consequences sometimes impacted new members and long standing members alike; new members may have applied without fully understanding the responsibilities of membership and veteran members were often called on to make a decision on membership for someone they barely knew. The new process has been designed with the goal of mitigating those issues.

Effective with this announcement, a respectful seeker who feels inclined to consider applying to become a HoC Dedicant and wants to explore further the benefits and responsibilities of such a path can submit an application to become a HoC Apprentice at any time after they have attended any combination of at least three HoC public events or Ninefold Path classes.

A HoC Apprenticeship allows the seeker to gain knowledge of the Craft thru attendance and participation in each of the Ninefold Path classes. In addition, the apprentice gains experience in advancing their spiritual growth when taking part in public and semi-private rituals. The apprenticeship affords the seeker with opportunities to meet and work closely with coven members; such exposure is intended to lay the foundation for building bonds between members and seekers. The importance of those bonds becomes apparent when an apprentice has completed their apprenticeship if they decide they would like to apply to become a HoC Dedicant; when bonds of trust have been established, the Apprentice can apply with the confidence that Hands of Change is the coven and its members are the people who they want to work with for their spiritual and general well-being.

Objectives of the apprenticeship include completing the Ninefold Path, working on maintaining the covenstead through manual or clerical service, participating as support clergy for rituals, and coming to know current coven members and build relationships with them based on respect and trust. After at least a year and day has passed since the apprenticeship began and provided the objectives of the apprenticeship have been met, the seeker can decide for themselves whether they will apply to become a member of Hands of Change. There is no obligation for an apprentice to become a HoC Dedicant.

With the creation of the HoC Apprentice program, the Dedication to the Ninefold Path (commonly known as the Blue Cords) is retired. Former Ninefold Path Dedicants are welcome to wear their blue cords when attending HoC rituals.

If you would like more details about the program please contact our Master of Seekers Helenanna in person or at She will email you a copy of the application. Completed applications can be returned to her via email or in person.

Brightest Blessings!

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