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Hands of Change began from a small group of us who were regularly leading/organizing open full moon circles at a small metaphysical bookstore and outdoor Sabbats.

After about a year, four visionary people — Blaze, Crow, Maeve, and Sea — decided to officially form a coven. These four original “Kore” members came from different spiritual backgrounds and training but shared a commitment to spiritual growth, teaching, healing, and community. They spent the summer of 1997 working out what Hands of Change would be, its structure, its mission, etc.

We are a well-established coven, having announced our formation in early Fall 1997. In 2000, HOC became a Church with all rights and privileges afforded by the government. We now have 16 coven members. Of those 16, four are in the “Kore” of Elders (leadership). In addition, we are fortunate to have a number of what we call “Seekers,” some who regularly attend our circles, others who pop in and out. Our open circles generally draw 25-50 people. Invitations to closed sabbats are granted to seekers who have attended at least three public HOC circles, attended three HOC classes from the Ninefold Path training program, and who ask to attend.

Coven membership is open to those who have attended a minimum of three HOC closed sabbats, completed all nine classes of the Ninefold Path, are willing to commit to their spiritual growth and that of the coven, agree to abide by our charter, are willing to provide some sort of service to the coven, and request membership.

Besides open circles and workshops and invitation-only sabbats, coven members meet regularly for social and spiritual reasons. We are working on empowerment, healing, and growth, not on maintaining hierarchies.

Seekers and coven members are encouraged to attend our classes/workshops. Coven members are also encouraged to assist Kore members in leading circles and workshops, and eventually, in applying for Kore membership. Both the coven and the Kore make decisions using consensus process.

Our open circles are open to all respectful seekers. They are “teaching circles,” where we explain the magic we are creating. (We encourage attending children to be of an age to be respectful of the circle and its energies, and we encourage minors to bring their parents.)

We welcome you to join us in building pagan community, growing spiritually, and healing ourselves and the planet.

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