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Class Schedule

2022 Ninefold Path Class Schedule

Please take note – we are still holding some classes via Zoom.
Please join us on our Facebook page to stay up to date on any and all virtual support we will be offering during this time. Be well.

February 15th (W) – Zoom
Class 4 – Ritual Form and Function/ Building Sacred Space

April 20th (Th) – Trinity’s Magickal Intentions
Class 5 – Altars, Tools, and Ritual Preparation

May 20th (Sat) – G3
HoC University
Class 1 – Magical Theory (10a)
Class 2 – Metaphysical Theory (12:30p)
Class 3 – Myth and Symbolism (3p)

June 13th (Tu) – TBD
Class 6 – Traditions of Observance and Celebration

August 16th (W)Trinity’s Magickal Intentions
Class 7 – HOC Principles and Practices

October 19th (Th) – Trinity’s Magickal Intentions
Class 8 – Consensus Process and Coven Dynamics

Dec 5th (Tu) – Zoom
Class 9 – Nonviolent Communication Techniques and  Interpersonal Dynamics








All classes to be held at 7:00 pm, with the exception of HoC U. To view descriptions of the course(s) you’re interested in, please click here.


All classes must be registered in advanced.
To register for the class, simply email –
Classes are $10 or $25 for 3 – please click here to submit payment.
All classes will be held virtually unless otherwise stated.


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