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Class Schedule

The following schedule is representative of the class schedule for 2019.

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All classes must be registered in advanced.
To register for the class, simply email Chiron –
All classes will be held at G3 this year.


NFP Class 8: Consensus and Coven Dynamics

Tues, Jan 8th 7pm

NFP Class 4: Ritual Form and Function

Thurs, March 14th 7pm

HoC University – Sun, April 28th
NPF Class 1 – Magickal Theory 10am

Lunch Break 12 – 1pm

NPF Class 2 – Metaphysical Theory 1pm

NFP Class 3 – Myth and Symbolism 3pm

NFP Class 7: HoC Principles & Practices

Thurs, May 9th –  7pm 

NFP Class 6: Traditions of Observance and Celebration

Tuesday, July 23rd – 7pm

NFP Class 9: Non Violent Communication & Coven Dynamics

Sunday, September 22nd – 3:30pm

NFP Class 5: Altars, Tools, and Ritual Prep

Thurs, November 21st – 7pm


G3 = Old Bridge, NJ

USNB = Unitarian Society of New Brunswick, East Brunswick, NJ

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