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Class Descriptions


The Ninefold Path

Course Descriptions

Cost is $10 per class or $25 in advance for a group of three classes. To register for any of the below classes, please contact Chiron.

The Shaman/Magi Block

Objectives: to familiarize people with basic metaphysical and magical theory and practice

Magical Theory

This hands-on workshop seeks to give participants an understanding of planes of existence, personal and group energy, and elemental energies. It covers auras and personal energy, grounding and centering, working with energy and group energy. The role of elementals in circle will also be addressed.

Metaphysical Theory

This introduction to metaphysical theory will include a discussion of various types of magic and supporting theory; the affects and uses of sensory stimuli; purification, cleansing, and warding.

Myth and Symbolism

This class is designed to examine the role of Deity in ritual and our lives. We will consider various personal beliefs and practices of worship; integration of the self, spiritually and morally; avatars and magical names. We will discuss how to choose specific deities and spirits to work with, the reasons for invoking and evoking deity, and how to balance Deity power and personal energy.

The Priestx Block

Objectives:  to familiarize people with how to create sacred space and direct energy in ritual and private workings; to find and utilize ideas in ritual; to develop understanding of basic structure of HOC rituals and use of tools to enhance rituals.

Ritual Form and Function/ Building Sacred Space

This class will help students to understand and verbalize the concepts of creating and closing sacred space; designing rituals for esbats, sabbats and rites of passage; how to conceptualize a ritual, utilize ritual technology and incorporate traditions.

Altars, Tools, and Ritual Preparation

Students will consider the nature and purpose of magical items in service of rituals, and personal preparations for ritual. Some of the topics covered include magical jewelry and accessories, ritual tools, types of altars and altar set up, and consecration of magical tools. The class will also discuss creating personal ritual alone or with a partner, HOC traditional ritual roles, and personal ritual preparation.

Traditions of Observance and Celebration

This class encourages an understanding of celebratory and ritual elements of HOC traditions and practices of celebrating esbats and sabbats, as well as awareness of various traditions and cultural observations and celebrations of these holidays. The teacher will share details of sabbat celebration, including its purpose and method of observance in the Wheel of the Year.

The Teacher/Spiritual Warrior Block 

Objectives:  to understand the basics of the tenets and traditions of Wicca, how to function in a group setting, namely ours, and the roles one assumes in a coven.

HOC Principles and Practices

This class will enumerate HOC Principles, Practices, and Tradition. It includes a discussion on magical ethics and the origin of HOC’s charter in The Book of the Law. A brief historical perspective on Wicca will also be included.

Consensus Process and Coven Dynamics 

Hands of Change uses an Agreement Seeking Process for coven decision making. This course will explain the difference between Consensus & Agreement Seeking Process, examine coven dynamics; and present Coven service roles. The class structure is designed to allow students to practice techniques for meeting facilitation.

Nonviolent Communication Techniques and  Interpersonal Dynamics

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is based on a fundamental principle: Underlying all human actions are needs that people are seeking to meet. Understanding and acknowledging these needs can create a shared basis for connection, cooperation, and more harmonious relationships on both a personal and global level. NVC is composed of honestly expressing ourselves to others and empathically hearing them. Students will have the opportunity to learn about and practice NVC techniques and understand its practical application in the HOC context. Other aspects of interpersonal dynamics in relationship to coven rituals, workings and business meetings will also be discussed.

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