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Wolfsong & Jonny

“The duo of ‘Wolfsong and Jonny’ (otherwise known as Sue Wolfsong and Jonny Lee) have been making beautiful music together since joining forces over 10 years ago. Involved with Pagan life for longer than most people can remember, Sue is HP’s at the Portal of the Porcupine. Since aligning with her, Jonny has embraced the happy lifestyle & wonderful people of Paganism. Sue & Jon create and play original music in a multitude of different styles, allowing the individual to visualize the songs in their own minds, and have performed at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts in Princeton, NJ, at Drewby’s BluesFests, and other gatherings and festivals and drinking & dining places the North East. Their motto is, “Who knows what music to expect?” One never knows, does one? So why not join us and find out?

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