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Robin Renée

Robin Renée is a performing songwriter, a meditation and bhakti yoga practitioner, and a longtime member of the NJ Pagan community. Hir recordings include In Progress, All Six Senses, Live Devotion (the first dedicated wholly to sacred chant),, This., and “All I Am.” Robin’s writings have appeared in publications including Curve, PanGaia, That Takes Ovaries! – Bold Females and their Brazen Acts (Random House), Blessed Bi Spirit: Bisexual People of Faith (Continuum Press), Songwriter’s Market, Biff Bam Pop!, Big Hammer, and Bi Women Quarterly. As an activist and organizer, Robin works to foster understanding and celebration of bisexuality and polyamory. Along with Wendy Sheridan and Mary McGinley, Robin Renée co-hosts The Leftscape, a podcast dedicated to exploring politics, culture, and conversation through a progressive lens. More information: and

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