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Feb. 9 Full Moon Circle CANCELLED

February 8, 2017

We regret that the Unitarian Society has decided to close the building on Thursday, February 9 due to the predicted snowstorm. Therefore, we will not be having our full moon circle tomorrow night. Please enjoy the lunar event in the coziness and safety of your own home.



And Our 2017 Theme Is…..

January 9, 2017

Hands of Change is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary as a formed coven, having formed in the fall of 1997 (more about our history can be found here). Since then, Hands of Change has grown in all aspects of community and spirituality by offering classes, public rituals, public networking events and support for the local community and serious seekers who regularly or occasionally choose to worship with us.

Whether you’ve been coming to our events for a long time or you just started exploring what we have to offer, Hands of Change is very appreciative of the support we’ve received over the past 20 years and we feel that we would not be here today without your efforts, your wisdom and your warmth. We would not be as strong or as successful if we did not have support of our local community and we would not be celebrating 20 years of service!

So this year, Hands of Change has chosen our theme to reflect our 20th year:


If you’ve been coming to our events within the past few years, you might remember working with the shadows, bringing the light in and last year, working with the phoenix. We’ve done so much transformation throughout the recent years and with 2017 being a 1 year, we thought it would be best to work with new beginnings while remembering our roots. We hope you continue to celebrate with us as we throw a fresh perspective on old traditions (see what I did there?) while continuing to grow and offer support to our community, you included.

Best Wishes For 2017!

Don’t Miss Our Next Class!

January 4, 2017


Hands of Change coven again offers the 4th public class in its Ninefold Path training program.

Sunday, January 8th, 2017 3:30 PM

Location: Old Bridge, New Jersey

Class 4: Ritual Form and Function/ Building Sacred Space

Instructors: Pan and Ganshmi

This class will help students to understand and verbalize the concepts of creating and closing sacred space; designing rituals for esbats, sabbats and rites of passage; how to conceptualize a ritual, utilize ritual technology and incorporate traditions. Students will help plan the evening ritual and are encouraged to attend and participate.

Please preregister for any class by contacting Chiron of HOC by email:

Details of the class locations will be shared at that time.

All individual classes cost only $10, payable at the beginning of each class to the instructor. We can offer a discounted rate of $25 for 3 classes, payable at the beginning of the first of the three classes to be attended.

Any seeker who wishes to attend HOC’s private events must attend and sign in at any three of HOC’s public events, then complete any three of the Ninefold Path classes. Seekers who have already completed our old series of three classes are “grandfathered” for private event attendance.

Finally, any serious seekers who wish to be considered for membership in Hands of Change coven must first complete five of the series of nine classes in the Ninefold Path, including the 3 mandatory classes: Classes 7, 8 and 9.

See you there!

Merry Yule Wishes From HoC

December 12, 2016


Everyone here at HoC wants to extend their wishes of a safe and happy holiday season as we end the year and move onto the next one. This year we worked with the Pheonix Rising and I speak for everyone here when I say we all transformed and rose from the ashes this year. Please stay tuned for our announcement of 2017’s theme as well as upcoming events.

For January, we have the following events listed:

January 8th (Sunday)
3:30 PM @ G3 – NFP Class 4: Ritual Form & Function

January 13th (Friday)
7:30 PM @ USNB – Full Moon Circle & Separate Kid’s RE

Events on Witchvox as well as Facebook will be made as time grows closer to these events and we will also be spreading word through our email list. (If you’re not on our email list and would like to be, please email Ganshmi so she may add you).

We already have our public (open) schedule for 2017 listed that you may view if interested.

Feel free to ask us any questions as you see fit.

Stay safe. Happy Holidays & Merry Yule,


Communications Coordinator for Hands of Change

The Book of the Law – HoC-style

October 26, 2016

When the founding members of Hands of Change gathered in the basement apartment of two of the founders to pore over The Book of the Law, Council of American Witches’  Wiccan Principles of Belief and the Wiccan Rede, the HoC Principles & Practices were born. Come to Class 7 on Saturday Nov. 19 at 3 p.m. to learn more about our particular flavor of Wicca.

The class also covers Coven Dynamics, the inner workings of our 20-year-old group. Something we’re doing seems to be working; come find out what it is. Tradition and history round out this class, which is one of the mandatory classes if you are considering coven membership.

To register, contact


The Inner Workings of a Coven

September 21, 2016

What makes Hands of Change different from a lot of other covens is our structure and the way we make decisions. Unlike the traditional high priest/ess run coven, Hands of Change operates as a permeable hierarchy. Business meetings are held approximately every other month, and decisions are made as a group using a consensus-based process called Agreement Seeking. Our Kore body of elders acts as a steering committee.

If you’d like to find out more about the inner workings of Hands of Change and how the Agreement Seeking process works, please join us on Thursday, September 29 at 7 p.m. in Old Bridge. To register and for location information, please contact

This is one of our required classes for coven membership, so if you think that might be your route down the road, come check it out!


September 12, 2016

“CANNONBALL, N.D. — In a remote, northern part of the country, a battle over water and indigenous rights is brewing. Earlier this year, a pipeline was set to be put in place just north of the city of Bismarck, North Dakota. Residents of the city had legitimate fears of what that could mean for their water supply and protested the pipeline, after which it was relocated south of the city, and just north of the water intake of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s land.

That move has many questioning why this move was seen as an acceptable alternative and what the environmental impact will be.

“I feel that my Paganism is directly linked to a call to activism, eco-activism and anti-racism specifically. I think both of those are really tied up into this protest,” said Colleen Cook, a witch in the Reclaiming tradition, after returning from a five day stay at a protest camp set up near Standing Rock Sioux land.”

**This is an excerpt from The Wild Hunt daily blog, which you can find Here.

Chiron ~