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 GSPA, Coven of the Silver Moon and Hands of Change Presents…


Saturday, August 4th

at the Hands of Change Annual Pagan Picnic

(during opening ritual, around 11 am)

One of the original founders of Garden State Pagan Alliance, Victoria Frye, left us too early to join the Summerlands last year, at the age of 49. She loved butterflies… She said they were messages sent from Beyond the Veil, from our loved ones. In her honor, we are holding a Memorial Butterfly Release for the community. During Opening Ritual at the Hands of Change Pagan Picnic, we will read a list of names and release Monarch butterflies to carry our message to our loved ones Beyond the Veil.

Along the same consciousness, Hands of Change has selected “The End of the World (As We Know It)” as the theme of their Picnic this year, with the Mayan Galactic Butterfly as the mascot.

The Galactic Butterfly, or Hun Nab Ku, is said to represent all of the consciousness  that has ever existed in this galaxy. This includes all of our physical  ancestors both human, animal, reptile, fish, plants as well  as the consciousness (God) which organized all of the raw material from a  whirling disk into stars then planets and solar systems. In the Mayan mythology, Butterflies are seen as ancestors  returning for a visit.

We would like the community to participate. We’ve applied for sponsorship of free butterflies from a program called Wings of Hope.

From their website:

Wings  of Hope, Inc, as an environmental and community preservation  organization, donates butterflies for ceremonial release in tandem with  the establishment, and/or restoration of permanent butterfly habitats as  a way to begin the healing process as well as bring communities  together after tragedy.

 Wings  of Hope, Inc. provides ceremonial butterfly releases and environmental  initiatives as a means of comfort, support and inspiration to other  groups, (non profit or otherwise), individuals and families who are  facing difficult circumstances, have experienced a tragedy or are  attempting to bring inspiration through memorial gardens, expanded  habitats and those others who are deemed to meet the criteria set by the  Board of Directors of Wings of Hope.

There is a shipping charge associated with the delivery of the free butterflies. The money raised will go towards that, or the purchase of butterflies from a certified and humane breeder if we are not approved for the sponsorship. Any excess money raised will be divided between the American Lung Association, GSPA, and Hands of Change (all non-profits) in honor of the people named in the ceremony. This is not intended to be a huge fundraiser, however, it does require money to occur. If you would like to have  your loved one’s name read during the ceremony, please click a Sponsorship Level below, to donate.

Sponsors will receive a packet of Butterfly Garden Seeds and a Thank You card, as well as their Loved One’s name read during the ceremony, and listed on this website In Memoriam. Sponsors are also welcome and invited (but not required) to attend the ceremony, which will be at about 11 am on August 4th, in Piscataway, NJ at Johnsons Park.   To become a Sponsor, please visit

Beautiful Winged Blessings to You!

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