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Ishtarfest 2020


Preview of the Festival on Spiritual Unity Radio Network

October 9 – 11

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Please note – schedule is subject to change –
please check back for updates!
(All times are Eastern Standard Time)

Ishtarfest is being brought to your living rooms this year!

Dig deep into our Pagan roots with classes, rituals, fire circles and performances from Pagan artists. We’ll be hosting on Zoom and Facebook live for an all inclusive, interactive experience! Updates will be posted as we go! Stay tuned for more info!

Our vision for this festival is to build community through a fun, educational and joyous festival honoring the Goddess Ishtar and our pagan roots. The festival is our gift to our community, and we welcome all participants who are interested in attending. We also welcome donations from any who have a little extra dosh lying around. (Click on the “donate” tab on our website.) Also, our member Helenanna is offering tarot readings throughout the weekend by donation, proceeds going to Hands of Change. Click HERE to arrange a time if you are interested in a reading.

Please also see our Facebook page for more information and to watch Ishtarfest via FaceBook Live.

To participate in Zooms, please RSVP HERE for the links.

A Word about Our Schedule…

If you are totally gung ho about this festival, please attend everything. If, however, that seems a little overwhelming, we’ve broken the offerings down into more manageable pieces HERE (Class Descriptions). You can choose to do one track or to take a class or two from each track. Or you can just pick the things that seem most interesting to you.

Also please join us daily for our morning coffee break at Ishtarbucks Café. Bring a cup of coffee and visit with the community. Daily at 10 a.m. EST.

Ziggurat Meditation

During the bio breaks, if you have nothing else to do, we encourage you to listen to Sumerian music. If you would like to make offerings to the gods during this weekend, here are some suggestions. 

Ishtarfest Replays

Missed something this weekend? We will post Ishtarfest presentation recordings on our Hands of Change YouTube Channel over the coming weeks. Subscribe for updates.

Friday Oct. 9

4-5 p.m Jason Mankey – Pan: The God of All KEYNOTE [Track 2]


5-5:30 Opening the Gates – Welcome & orientation REPLAY

5:30-6:30 – Hercules Invictus – Ancient Near Eastern echoes in the Astra Planeta and Greek Mythology [Track 2]


7:30 – Hands of Change with special guest Elspeth – Ereshkigal Procession and Altar Ritual – PLEASE NOTE: THIS RITUAL WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK LIVE. [Ritual]

9-11 Ninkasi’s Nightclub – stay on after the ritual for a Bardic Circle and social gathering with special guests, long-time friends of Hands of Change, Daxe & Carol. [Performance]


Saturday Oct. 10
9 – 9:30 Sumerian Treasure Hunt Activity KID FRIENDLY [Track 1]
9:30-10 – Elspeth Storytelling: Sisters KID FRIENDLY [Performance]
10-11 – Ishtarbucks Café [Coffee Hour Social Gathering]
11-12 – Ed Vanderjagt – Temple of Sumer – Intro to Sumerian Deities [Track 1]
12 Maeve – Siduris’ Favorite Recipes from the Inn at the End of the
World [Track 3] LINK TO RECIPE
1-2:30 p.m. Oberon Zell – Mysteries of Mesopotamia KEYNOTE [Track 1]
2:45-4:15- Sacred Love: At the Crossroads of Sexuality & Spirituality – Eldritch, Robin Renee, Enheduinanna & Amara [Track 4]
4:15-5 Priscilla Long of Order of the Rod & Ring – Geshtinanna, Wise Woman [Track 1]
5-6 Pour It Out For Me: Devotional Ritual with the Temple of Inanna & Dumuzi, Valerie Voigt and Ivan Richmond in service [Ritual]
6 – 6:45 Michael Law – Hellenistic Astrology (Mesopotamia) [Track 2]
7 Main Ritual: The Marriage of Shadow & Light with Hands of Change, Enheduinanna, Sionnach,  Chiron, Gaia, Evergreen, Maeve, Amara & Helenanna in service [Ritual]
8:45 Erica Gliksman – The Gliks Fire Performance [Performance]
9-11 Ninkasi’s Nightclub – Join us for a Bardic Circle and social
gathering with Magician River Barry and Music by Wolfsong and Jonny [Performance]

Sunday Oct. 11

9-10 Gaia Storytelling: The Descent KID FRIENDLY[Performance]
10-11 Ishtarbucks Café [Coffee Hour Social Gathering]
11 Ishtarfest Tour – Slide Show with Music by Music for the Goddess [Track 1]
11:30-12:30 – Conny Jasper – Cooking With Sumerian Herbs [Track 3]
12:30-1:30 – Hercules Invictus – Mythic Gods & Ancient Aliens [Track 2]
1:30-2:45 – Anadonis Nephilim – Belly Dance and Sacred Breath Workshop [Track 4]
2:45 – 4 Amie Tolemeo – Crystal Healing & Magic: The Sumerian Era
Uses [Track 1]
4 – 4:15 Anadonis Nephilim – Belly Dance Performance [Performance]
4:30-5:30 E. Massey – To circle or not circle… is casting a magick circle
necessary? [Track 2]
5:30 Enheduinanna – Shapatu Cakes [Track 3] RECIPE
6 – James Jacob Pieri – Isis & Ishtar – the Knots that Bind [Track 2]
7 – Amara Willey – So Long & Thanks for All the Fish [Track 1]
8 – Vela – The Oracle of Ishtar [Ritual]
9-10:45 Ninkasi’s Nightclub – stay on after the ritual for a Bardic Circle
and social gathering with music by Kokopelli [Performance]
10:45-11 Closing the Gates & Thanks


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