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IshtarFest 2018

ishtarfestReturn to the Fertile Crescent with

Ishtarfest 2018
Journey thru the Goddess

Saturday, June 9th

Join Hands of Change as well Journey thru the Goddess at this year’s Ishtarfest!
We’ll journey thru the Goddess chant with Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali and Inanna – each brought to you by one of our sister groups in the Pagan community!

Inanna and Hecate rituals, classes, workshops, vendors, auction, drumming/bardic circles, a magician, kids classes and games.  And there will be an awesome prize for Best Dressed!

Updates and more info coming soon!  We will post all updates on our facebook page and send it out to our email groups!
Ishtarfest will be held at the HoC covenstead, 144 E Greystone Rd in Old Bridge, NJ.
Schedule will update as more info becomes available!

Walk Like a Sumerian!

Attendee Registration CLICK HERE!

 Vendor Registration CLICK HERE!

Dress Like a Sumerian


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