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IshtarFest 2019

ishtarfestTo the Kur and Back…

Ishtarfest 2019

June 7-8th

“From the Great Above, Inanna opened her ear to the Great Below.”

The Hands of Change coven presents Ishtarfest 2019, To the Kur and Back, to be held at G3 on June 9, 2018!

Have you ever wondered where we got our modern ideas of irrigation, medicine, indoor plumbing, wheeled vehicles, medicine, and writing? We’re having a festival to celebrate the roots that started those amazing things, and more! Join us for this Sumerian “renaissance” faire to learn more about the culture that formed those things and the Pagan religion – and how they show up in our practices and communities today…..”

Throw off the cares of the modern world and immerse yourself in Babylonian culture and worship for the weekend with us! Ishtarfest will feature sweat lodge journeys to the Kur (you won’t want to miss it!), as well as our signature fire/bardic circles, rituals, potluck, and local vendors.

This festival is in honor of Ishtar (also known as Inanna and Astarte) which introduces you to the Babylonian pantheon, helps you learn a little about our Pagan roots in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia and fills you with festivity and delight.

Overnight camping will be available.

Registration is open!
Interested in vending or reading at the Psychic Vendor Faire on Saturday? Click Here!
Same link, just fill out the appropriate form – and we’ll see you in Uruk!

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