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IshtarFest 2020


Looking forward to Ishtarfest 2020?

Theme: Journeying With the Goddess

October 9 – 11, 2020

(Columbus Day Weekend)

Old Bridge, NJ


Hands of Change invites you to the 5th Annual Ishtarfest, a goddess festival in central New Jersey.

The Fifth Annual Ishtarfest in honor of the Goddess Ishtar (Inanna / Astarte) has moved to the fall! Walk your own journey to the Goddess through her evolution from Sumerian times to the present. Learn about our pagan roots in the fertile crescent and celebrate the Goddess with us in New Jersey’s own multi-day pagan festival. 

And registration is LIVE
for both vendors and attendees!

This year our theme is Journey with the Goddess. In this three-day outdoor festival we invite you to attend classes, participate in rituals, and enjoy a variety of entertainment, as well as walk your own journey with the Goddess in her many forms in a self-guided tour of altars dedicated to a variety of pantheons. There’s even plans for a labyrinth!


We are currently accepting proposals for classes, ceremonies, activities, kids’ track, music, dance, fire spinning and more. Deadline for proposals is Saturday, Aug. 1. Click here for details.

Our vision for this festival is to build community through a fun, educational and joyous festival honoring the Goddess Ishtar and our pagan roots.

Please also see our Facebook page for more information.

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