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IshtarFest 2020


Looking forward to Ishtarfest 2020?

October 9 – 11, 2020

Your Living Room!


Check Out Our Line-Up!

Please note – schedule is subject to change, please check back for updates!
All times are EST!

Friday Oct. 9

4-5 p.m Jason Mankey – Pan: The God of All
5-5:30 Welcome and history of the festival 
5:30-6:30 – Hercules Invictus – Ancient Near Eastern echoes in the Astra Planeta and Greek Mythology 
6:30-7:30 Amara Willey – Inanna You Hot Mama
7:30 – Hands of Change with special guest Elspeth – Ereshkigal Procession and Altar Ritual 
9-11 Ninkasi’s Nightclub – stay on after the ritual for a Bardic Circle and social gathering

Saturday Oct. 10

9 – 10 Sumerian Treasure Hunt Activity 
10-10:30 – Elspeth Storytelling 
10:30-12 – Ishtarbucks Café 
12 Maeve – Siduris’ Favorite Recipes from the Inn at the End of the
1-2:30 p.m. Oberon Zell – Hysteries Mysteries 
2:30-4- Panel on gender & sexuality – Eldritch, Robin Renee, Cait
Wallace, Enheduinanna & Amara 
4-5 Sumerian Magic Ed Vanderjagt – Temple of Sumer 
5-6 Devotional Ritual with the Temple of Inanna & Dumuzi 
6 – 6:45 Michael Law – Hellenistic Astrology (Mesopotamia)
7 Main Ritual – Hands of Change 
8:30-8:45 Erica Gliksman – Thegliks fire performance
9-11 Ninkasi’s Nightclub – Join us for a Bardic Circle and social gathering

Sunday Oct. 11

9 -9:30 Enheduinanna – Date / Bread 
9:30 Chiron – Container Gardens of Babylon 
10:30-11:30 Ishtarbucks Café 
11:30-12 – Gaia Storytelling 
12 – Conny Jasper – Cooking With Sumerian Herbs 
1:30-2:45 – Anadonis Nephilim – Kundalini Belly Dance workshop
2:45 – 4 Amie Tolemeo – Crystal Healing & Magic: The Sumerian Era
4 – 4:15 Anadonis Nephilim – Kundalini Belly Dance Performance 
4:30 – E. Massey – To circle or not circle… is casting a magick circle
6 – James Jacob Pieri – Isis & Ishtar – the Knots that Bind 

7 – 7:30 Closing remarks 

7:30 – Vela – Invocation of Ishtar 

9-11 Ninkasi’s Nightclub – stay on after the ritual for a Bardic Circle
and social gathering 


Due to the current state of affairs, Ishtarfest will be brought to your living rooms this year!
Dig deep into our Pagan roots with classes, rituals, fire circles and performances from Pagan artists. We’ll be hosting on Zoom and Facebook live for an all inclusive, interactive experience! Updates will be posted as we go! Stay tuned for more info!

Our vision for this festival is to build community through a fun, educational and joyous festival honoring the Goddess Ishtar and our pagan roots.

Please also see our Facebook page for more information.

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