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IshtarFest 2017 : SumerFaire

Thank you for a wonderful & successful 2017 festival! See you in 2018!

Return to the Fertile Crescent with

A Sumerian “Renaissance” Faire

Friday June 9th – Sunday June 11th

Have you ever wondered where we got our modern ideas of irrigation, medicine, indoor

plumbing, wheeled vehicles, medicine, and writing?

Join us for this Sumerian “renaissance” faire, a weekend-long festival to learn more

about the culture that formed those things and our Pagan religion

– and how they show up in our practices and communities today…..

You will find strolling minstrels, Sumerian Gods & Goddesses,

classes, vendors, drum circles, a magician, bellydancing, skits and games. Friday night

we will host an outdoor full moon ritual with a bonfire. Many fun activities for the kids.

Camping available throughout the weekend.

Walk Like a Sumerian!

Butterfly Release

Preliminary Weekend Schedule 

Attendee Registration

 Vendor Registration

Dress Like a Sumerian


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