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Transport with us back through time to the city of Uruk, where Sumerian gods & goddesses walk amongst the citizens (including you!) in our 5000-year old take on a Renaissance Faire. We will find Ishtar quite smitten with her betrothed Enkimdu. Shammash, her brother, does not think Enkimdu is the correct match for his spoiled sister and wishes her to marry Tammuz. Through seduction, Ishtar agrees and is whisked away to her happily ever after…. or so we think. There are forces who wish ill will upon the goddess and her chosen lover and Ishtar is forced to face her greatest fears, tracing back to the ends of her world and the beginnings of another to prove her love and loyalty. Will she survive? More importantly, will you help her?

For an entire weekend full of adventure, romance, betrayal and transformation, we will all discover the infamous tale of Ishtar’s transformation right before our eyes, including a glamorous wedding ceremony with Ishtar and her chosen lover. Your goddess needs you, don’t let her down.

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Online registration will be open until June 2nd or until we’re up to capacity.

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