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Additional Classes

Each year, Hands of Change offers various classes that are outside of the Ninefold Path Class Series to the public community. The availability of these classes changes each year.

Interested seekers should email the corresponding instructor for more information. If contact information isn’t valid or does not work, please contact Evergreen and let her know. She will be able to direct you to the correct person.

2017 Classes Offered

Sacred Crystal Healing

Join Hands of Change for one of their newer extra curricular classes as we learn more about crystals and crystal healing. In each class there will be one central crystal that we will be discussing followed by an activity or meditation to aid you in the coming month’s journey. What you will learn in each class is various healing techniques, how crystals can aid you in your spell work, how to utilize each crystal to it’s best potential and learn if the crystal is right for you.

Classes will be held every 4th Wednesday of each month at HoC’s covenstead, Gaia’s Garden Grove (G3) , beginning promptly at 7 PM.

Classes are $10 each, payable by preferably cash but check is also accepted.

This class will be taught by Ganshmi CCH, a Certified Crystal Healer from Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, who is also certified in Crystal Divination from Love & Light School of Energy Medicine, certified in Reiki II from Trinity’s Magickal Intentions and is a very passionate crystal enthusiast. Though new to teaching about crystals, Ganshmi has always had a passion for Mother Earth’s prettiest tools and believes in their healing energy combined with the god/goddess energy within each of us. Ganshmi believes that if crystals are used properly, they can help influence our intent to maximum efforts.

Ganshmi is also a member of Hands of Change.

This class series begins with the first class on February 22nd, 2017. Any other dates, please email or find us on Facebook!

Instructor: Ganshmi


Introduction to Tarot

Start your tarot journey here or gain some new perspective!

Discover the meanings and the hidden secrets of the cards as we create a well of tarot knowledge together and cut thru the confusion of the ‘information overload’ hat often comes when studying the tarot, so you can learn to read with confidence and precision!

This is a 6 week intensive course. Classes are $10 per class or $50 for all 6!

Instructor: Trinity


HoC’Strology – Journey Through the Stars

You know your sun sign but why aren’t you a typical Aries/Taurus/Gemini/etc?

Because when you were born, there were other cosmic events in play! In this class series, we’re going to pick apart the natal chart, introduce you to astrology as a whole, encompassing art/science while moving thru the zodiac and getting our hands dirty in every one of the signs. You will learn how each sign affects you and the world we live in. We were given this vast amount of information at the beginning of time and all we needed to do was look up!

This is a 7 week intensive course. Classes are $10 per class or $60 for all 7!

Instructor: Trinity

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