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Cerridwen Cauldronborn

Cerridwen (Trinity) Cauldronborn is a wife, a mother of three, a Reiki Master and teacher, a massage therapist, a psychic intuitive, a small business owner (of homemade metaphysical goodies!) and a dabbler in all things magick!

She comes from a born-again Christian background, and found her way to the Goddess thru some hardcore research and soul searching. She joined Hands of Change at Yule 2014, after practicing and studying as a solitary since 2008. She still considers herself a work in progress, always.

Although she found solitary practice to be a wonderful way to discover one’s spiritual self, she feels joining HoC has shown her just how amazing and magical life can really be.
She says is loved and accepted, just the way she is – and that is an incredible feeling! She can learn, play, and grow in her faith without fear and judgment – and she loves that.

Cerridwen is currently finishing up her astrology coursework thru AFA to become a full-fledged astrologer, works hard to get her business of the ground, and mingles with her new covenmates, who have already enriched her (and her family’s) life in so many ways.

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