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Trinity Hrafn

Trinity Hrafn is mother of 3, massage and energy therapist, psychic medium, astrologist and eclectic witch.

She comes from a born-again Christian background, and found her way to the Goddess thru some hardcore research and soul searching. She joined Hands of Change at Yule 2014, after practicing and studying as a solitary since 2008. She still considers herself a work in progress, always.

Although she still has a solitary practice because that was her key to self-discovery; working with a like-minded, progressive coven has taken her magick and practice to a new level. She is truly eclectic in her path, shapeshifting to adapt to new ideas and research as she walks it.

Trinity was initiated as a Kore member of Hands of Change in February 2019 , and holds the positions of Coven Astrologer and Web Weaver.

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