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Pan joined Hands Of Change on Mabon 2014, after studying and practicing with the group for almost 2 years.

The paths he follows are eclectic in origin. He follows practices of Eastern influences that he developed in his years studying Yoga and Ayurveda, as well as deep seeded roots in Celtic Shamanism. Originally, Wicca was what caught his attention as teenager, and he spent the better part of his adolescence into early adult life as a solitary practitioner.

His primary deities of choice are Pan (of course), Cernunnos, and The Green Man. He works with Earth energies often and is a firmly grounded Capricorn. He is also a student and conduit of Usui Reiki, an area of study that began in 2014.

His professional background is most heavily involved in the music industry. He has spent close to 15 years touring, recording Pop/Rock albums with his group Amber Blues. He has also been an independent music teacher since the age of 13. In 2014, he began writing and recording music inspired by Paganism and his spiritual path.

Pan is a SoundHealer. He performs workshops and sessions utilizing Quartz Crystal Bowls, Body Tuning Forks, Didjeredoos and other vibrational tools. He also performs Crystal Workings in most of his practices. Most often he works with Moldavite, and is very knowledgable in the history and usages of this 14.8 million year old Tektite.

Lastly, he is an avid animal rescue advocate, and he is a primary partner in a small animal rescue located in New Jersey that specializes in Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas, Pan makes his expertise, resources and services and networks available to any seekers who wish to explore deeper. He can be reached at

Pan holds the coven job of Minister of Magic and sits on the Finance Committee

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