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Maeve is a founding member of Hands of Change Coven. Her background is in traditionalist Wicca, with training in ceremonial magick, South American Shamanism, and Eastern studies. She received extensive training as a ritual priestess in spell craft, color healing work, and Wiccan religious methodology in Georgia, where she was a member of two covens. She has shared this knowledge with others in the public rituals and classes she has conducted at both the Caduceus Festival and HOC’s Annual Pagan Picnic. She has been studying Tarot for over 25 years, and teaches classes on this subject, as well as others. As a Kore member, she created Hands Of Change’s initial charter agreement, helped design our circle building rituals, and led the way in locating out-door space for our Sabbat rituals. Her wealth of Wiccan knowledge and theory, and pagan music enriches the group.

Maeve is a Kore Member, and holds the coven job of Prophet of the New Millennium

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