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Kokopelli has been involved with the Craft since 1987. He was initiated by Lady Maeve Rhea of MotherChant, Philadelphia, in 1990. He also trained with Lady Marryn and Lord Bear, Kamiyama Coven, Seattle, in 1991-1992. Later, he served as Druid priest in Garran Siorlas (Evergreen Grove), ADF, in Seattle, 1992-1993. He was initiated and elevated to 2nd degree by Lady Zanoni Silverknife, Starseed Cuveen, serving as consort, in Seattle, 1993-1994.
He also trained with Lady Magdalena and Lord Myrddin, Grove of Phoenix Rising, Atlanta, 1994-1995. He was unaffiliated 1995-1999, in Atlanta and Birmingham. Kokopelli performs / sings at festival events around the country (NeoPagan original and other favorite songs) and has recorded several albums.
He’s been involved with Hands of Change, N.J., since 1999; dedicated at Beltane 2000.

Kokopelli is a Kore Member and holds the coven jobs of Finance Wizard and Coven Astrologer. Contact Koko

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