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Helananna is a mother of three, and grandmother to 10, originally from Pennsylvania but currently residing in South New Jersey and traveling to join our Hands of Change rituals as often as possible.

From day to day she goes from being a caretaker, drum circle facilitator, tarot reader, often a life coach and just generally enjoys sharing good energy with everyone she meets. After years of trying to find like minded people and put a label on her spirituality, she discovered Paganism in 2002 and has been studying and practicing both as a group facilitator and a solitary witch ever since. From 2005-2007, Helenanna facilitated Swaying Pine Circle in Southern Lancaster County. This evolved over time to The Emerald Grove where shadow work was her primary focus. After years of internal work and growth she joined Hands of Change finally in 2019 after attending various rituals and events for about 14 years and is beyond excited to finally be able to call this family her own.

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