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Glowchylde is mother to two beautiful daughters, Aurora Phoenix and Airianna Autumn. They are her angels, her inspiration, and her motivation in all things. If she had to define her beliefs, she would say she is an eclectic spiritualist, meaning she will accept wisdom from whatever source it comes. Wicca is the framework upon which she places this wisdom. Wicca gives her a structure through which to seek this wisdom and joins
her with others who are seeking, as well.
She has been through the pasta machine of spiritual crisis several times, and each time, the one piece left,when all has been stripped away, is her belief in the existence of Energy. It is everywhere and in everything. On a trip to New Orleans in 1996, she bought her first book on Wicca and found it matched her own belief system better than anything she had come across before. She began learning about and practicing Wicca as a solitary.
In 2000, she attended MPA Beltane, a campout weekend with classes in all things spiritual. Hands of Change did the main ritual, and she was hooked. She liked their style and energy. She picked up a flyer about open Full Moon rituals and began attending their public events off and on over the next ten years.
In 2011, HoC membership was small. She knew the coven was very important to its members, and having a place to go, to be with people who always made her feel better, was important to her. So, with the energies behind her, she decided it was time for her to join and start adding her energies to support a group that had given her so much and, in turn, gives all the little people out there like her a place they can come celebrate and gain a deeper understanding of the Universe and themselves. She was dedicated into the coven on Ostara 2012. Over the past years, she has grown closer to her coven mates– it truly is her spiritual home. She knows they are people she can depend on, and they on her, in love & kindness…so mote it be.
In addition, she has been practicing Reiki for about 10 years and was recently attuned to Master level, much to her delight and excitement. She also creates essential oil blends and studies crystal therapy. She shares these gifts under the umbrella of Glowchylde Creations. Glowchylde holds the coven jobs of Archivist and Child Care Coordinator.

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