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Evergreen Evensong

Evergreen Evensong began her Pagan journey in her late teens, discovering Witchcraft. She has always
believed that even the inanimate has a life vibration, and in the existence of the cosmic consciousness, and fascinated with the abstract and physical science of energy movement.
Evergreen considers herself a blended, eclectic Witch. She continues to explore her Germanic and Magyar shaman ancestries, is drawn to the Egyptian pantheon, and, in addition, still holds some basic tenets of her Christian roots. She is also open to several Earth-based spiritual traditions. She enjoys using astrology, candle magick, the pendulum, Nordic runes, and the Tarot.
Evergreen has attended Hands of Change rituals, classes and other events since November 2010, and
became a member of the Hands of Change family at Ostara 2014.
Her daughters, Holly Kate and Heather Veronica, always manage to turn the mundane into the magickal, nurturing her ever green spirit, keeping the crone phase of life at bay . . .
She holds the coven job of Sexton

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