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Aurora Esther

From artwork to kitchen witchery to animal healing, Aurora Esther’s hobbies take on a magickal flair. She says that it’s all about channeling for her – getting a sense of people’s energy helps her to capture their essence when she does their makeup. In working with animals, she aligns herself with them, exchanging thoughts and energy, getting them to a place where they feel safe, so they can be treated and healed. Cooking helps her feel close to her mom, who passed to the other side but shares her love of the culinary arts.

You may have met Aurora Esther in New Hope a few years ago when Granted Wishes Make Up Studio was located there. Back in the day, she performed mystical feats with “aura magic makeup” and gave numerology readings in her store. Her current path is dedicated to helping feral cats get the medical treatment they need and deserve. But she still dabbles in the arts – creating beautiful works in oils & acrylics, pencil, clay and sometimes cosmetics. See if you can recognize her below as Jack Sparrow.

Her coven job is Assistant Dumbledore, and unofficially, Kitchen Witch.


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