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Culai Dubh

Like many drawn to the Craft, Culai Dubh first became interested in the magickal arts as a child. She got her first tarot deck as a tween. She spent the intervening years exploring her creativity in the realm of sewing, jewelry making, and crafts. She loved to make ball gowns, clothing and quilts.

Then in 2000, she rediscovered pagan religion in a shop in Matawan, where she took classes and subsequently joined her first coven. Thirteen years later – coincidence? – she attended her first Hands of Change ritual.

Since a car accident several years ago, Culai Dubh has been on a healing journey. Sensitive to energy and the vibes around her, she is searching for Spirit and Wonder in her life. Her most current interest is palmistry.

Culai Dubh’s coven job is Coven Clerk.


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