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Chiron Silvanus became a member of Hands of Change at Beltane 2011, The spiritual journey that led him to HoC began with the death of his son, Michael, in 1990. Soon after he came to realize his existence was controlled by more than just the vicissitudes of this mundane life. It took him another ten years to find his way to the Crooked Path, however. That trek began in earnest after a Samhain service at his Unitarian Universalist church in 2000. The service resonated within him and served to mark the beginning of a new spiritual life; first simply as a neopagan, and eventually settling on Wicca as he came to better know and understand it’s precepts and practices through study and ritual. Second only to his personal family, the loving spiritual family he has found that the work he does with his Hands of Change brothers and sisters, collectively and under the guidance of the wise elders in HoC Kore, has sustained him and transformed his outlook on his personal life and on his view of the wider world in ways he couldn’t have imagined fifteen years ago.

Chiron holds the coven job of Master of Seekers & Membership Coordinator. Contact Chiron.

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