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Unity at Imbolc

February 9, 2022

At our Imbolc ritual, we invited the goddesses Calleach and Brigid to join us and offer their words of wisdom. We drew the Lovers tarot card. Here are some thoughts from our inspired ritual team on this card and its significance at this time:

The Consummation of the alchemical marriage – {indicated by the Red Lion and the White Eagle} – requires a death of sorts – a Dissolution. 

‘SOLVE ET COAGULA’ means to separate and to join together.   The sword separates, and yet two dissolve and recombine to form a sweet elixir.  This implies a death of the ego on the path across the Abyss from Binah {the Great Mother} to Tiphareth {The Son/Sun}.  Binah compels form. And in a sense, the reintegration of forms requires a choice:  A union, creating something new.  In the card, the sword symbol is present in the form of the sword in the stone of legend. Here, the stone takes the form of the Egg of Creation – The Heart Girt with a Serpent.  The sword in the stone is also a symbol of the cleaving and then union of the male with the female – the black and the white – the active and the passive – projective and receptive.

In the legends the sword can only be removed by the true sovereign. But in those very same stories that sovereign ideal was sacrificed on the altar of creation; and pulling that sword from the stone was an act of choice.  There is a choice to be made.  Pull the sword from the stone and make the sacrifice of one option, as when one door opens and another closes.

The choice should be made with devotion and avowal.  OPEN YOURSELF to second sight; the choice is yours.  Through that choice, we will attain UNION from that which has divided us.

Our vast universe consists of billions of stars, planets, humans, animals, countless creatures all of whom work together in one way or another to keep the world going. There is only one thing that is needed to make it work…UNITY. 

UNITY does not just mean being the same, having the same ideas or thoughts or agreeing all the time. For there to be true UNITY in any group or gathering or even family we need to equally share the give and take. Like the universe, there are too many individual beings for everyone to feel the same, think the same, believe the same things yet here we are, together, UNITED for one specific purpose.

After the long hiatus due to COVID-19, something many of us may still be affected by, we are now able to finally start coming together, UNITING us together for a common goal. Just as the sword divided the stone, social issues and a pandemic have divided us. It is now up to us to come together, like a wound closing once the blade is removed, and UNITE ourselves with the beauty and love that we all have in us. Making that choice to be one with each other, and one with Universe.

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