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Charge of the Sky Goddess at Yule

December 21, 2021

Welcome, my children, each of you a glittering star, each of you the potential of the first moment of creation, each of you the dance of the sky and earth. We stand here together to welcome the Sun’s rebirth.

When you were first formed, you were one cell and you expanded from there, just like the Universe has expanded from one single explosion. That moment of joining of your mother and father’s cells was your own big bang, and from there you have become a universe of 30 trillion cells.

Altar & photo by Carol Boyer

So powerful you are, loved by a star, deeply connected to all that is, through the center of your head. Your pineal gland, a pine cone of Truth, is where Light illumines the illusion of the physical world and, glittering, shows you my face wherever your glance lands.

Find me here among the stars and in the center of your own mind. Look for me with your inner light, and I will appear in the deepness of the night. I am a star to guide your way. I am the warmth and joy in your heart that keeps you through the winter until Ra shows his true form at the height of summer. I am the abiding peace of the winter, when life stills and breathes, till it is born again.

It all lies inside your brain but outside your mind, where you may awake inside the dream, dance between the realms, and transcend all limitations.

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