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Hear the Words of the Goddess at Samhain

November 8, 2021

The chill in the air feels like death, the time when the wheel turns, and the leaves fall. The whole world is going inside, going to sleep, waiting, waiting. The hustle bustle of the busy summer shimmers behind us, as we step bravely into the cold months, taking stock, letting slip away what is no longer needed, filling our larders with food to keep us going through the long winter months.

What you have been through was needed, was a tempering in my fire. You have only done what you had to do. Here you rest in the tapestry of life, seeing only the squares behind and guessing at the threads of what is to come. Prepare yourself now, for what is to come will be a surprise unimagined by you, a whole new way that you hadn’t expected but that you may embrace.

Drop the burdens now that you have carried, seeing the flaws in the world. There are no flaws, only facets of a gem that shifts and twists in your hand, catching the light. This is the mystery that you may have learned: all flaws are illusion, and there is only Love. Fear is illusion; sickness is illusion; time is illusion, albeit a persistent one. You have come here to rest in comfort at my hearth, warm and full of food and my love for you. Feel it now as you go forward, and be brave. I only ask that you slaughter what will keep you from thriving in the coming year.

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