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Blessed Mabon!

September 20, 2021

Charge of the Light God, Belenus:

In the summer, I ride my chariot across the sky, heating the waters and blessing the fields. In the winter, you can find my light within, shining just as brilliantly as at mid-summer. This is one purpose of the colder months – to remember your inner Light. It is easy to forget during the bustle of summer activity, that truly your inner world creates your outer reality. Turn up the light now and see the world with fresh eyes.

Become aware of your southern neighbors in far off places such as Australia, South Africa, Indonesia and Brazil. They are stepping into the sunlight of springtime as you become aware of your own source of inner energy. They hold the sunlight for you as you hold the hearth flame for them in a continuous, interconnected dance. Whenever you feel your light dim this season, you may borrow a little sunlight from them, just as you offer it in your turn.

Altar and photo by Carol Boyer

You have sown the seeds of your harvest this past season. I watch over you with love as you enjoy the bounty you require and deserve. Be you purified by the Light today at the time of equal days and nights. Store up what you need today to carry you through the longer nights ahead. And know that in the darkest days there is always the promise of more light to come.

Today we will find what we need and turn up the flame in our hearts and souls to carry us through the coming months. Whatever is happening in the world of form outside you, know this: I promise to always shine on you and in you. You can always find me no matter how dark the world may seem. I have always been with you.

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