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The Goddess Selene Speaks

June 30, 2021

Behold the glowing Light, the sun at its height, the moon shining at night!

Here we are at Midsummer, gathered in our true form as energy, where you are closest to my own nature. The bright Light is you and you are it, electrons on the screen in front of you.

The sun plays tricks and stops with you, right now before it dives head first into darkness, inch by inch and day by day. Today is as much the day of Holy Dark as it is of Holy Light, which are forever in a dance with one another.

Litha 2021 Altar Designed and Photographed by Carol Boyer

The dance of green earth and night sky: the sun in its Chariot rides the glistening blue air in its daily travels and sinks below the horizon, not to disappear but so that you may experience His reflection in the moon’s mirrored surface.

The shadows cast by brightness are another kind of light, the illumination of the soul in its journey to perfection. The lessons this season are of the celestial bodies and the light they cast, you a brief speck in the oceans of their time, the vast expanse of their Universe.

And yet you matter in this instant as much as the Sun and Stars, fulfilling your purpose in your short human years as they do in their long epochs. For in your hands and heart the Light joyfully plays upon the strings of Planet Earth. And the shadows of your days flicker like candle flames, warming the empty cold expanse of outer space. Things so little and yet with such depth.

The stars are radiant specks to you, far away. So you are to us, radiant specks of indistinguishable time, forever part and parcel of the Universe outside of time where We live. As above, so below. As within, so without. As the future, so the past. A perfect reflection of indirect Light, the cascading God Force that enlivens every molecule of Creation. Not one atom is amiss, not one choice or action is wrong, but all part of the tapestry that always has been, is and always will be. For us, existing in one breath, the inhale and exhale, that encompasses the totality of all that ever will be.

From this long perspective, you commune with us today. Rest in knowing that all desires are truly met, all thought already reality. Step back from your human perspective and join the dance of the Cosmos in playful spirit and with open heart.

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