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Supercharged Lionsgate Portal Opens on Aug. 8

August 7, 2020

Meditation to tap into its energy

Have you noticed a brightly twinkling star in the sky just before dawn? If you are up at that time, you can view the Dogstar Sirius which is the bottom of Orion’s belt lined up vertically with our planet. Sirius is part of the constellation Canis Major the Greater Dog (which is why it’s called the Dogstar and this time of year is called the Dog Days of Summer, because Sirius has now emerged in the sky from behind the Sun). In the early morning, you can see it madly glinting in red and sometimes blue. (It’s also called the Blue Star, and the Egyptians called it Sothic).

The ancient Sumerians and Egyptians could definitely see Sirius (which is twice the mass of our Sun). The people living in the fertile crescent worshipped a race of beings called Nibiru or Igigi, depending on the location. These “gods” it is rumored may have traveled to our planet from Planet X, the tiny planet orbiting Sirius. In fact, Sirius may be the second sun in our solar system. Nasa confirms that 90 percent of stars begin with a binary partner.[1]

Inanna holding a lion’s leash

The Lionsgate portal occurs every year when the sun in Leo syncs up with the star Sirius. This is said to generate high frequency spiritual energy and is a time when psychic senses are highly sensitive, people receive downloads, and the New Age community is touting the rewiring and upgrading of both the physical and spiritual bodies. The portal will be especially powerful due to recent solar and lunar eclipses.


Ishtar Gate of Babylon

Acknowledge Sacred Space – We tell the creation myth of the ancient Sumerians to increase our awareness of the sacredness of what we are about to do:

Using a bowl of water, spritzes the area say: First was Nammu, goddess of the primeval sea.

Put a rock on top of pile of rocks on your altar and say: A cosmic mountain formed in the sea, made of the perfect union of the god of heaven, called An, and the goddess of earth, called Ki.

Light a stick of incense in the air and place it on your altar, saings: Their passion ignited the sky and Ki became heavy with child.

Blow out the stick of incense, walk around the area with it, and say: An and Ki gave birth to Enlil, the Air-god. The birth of Enlil was the event that separated heaven from earth, and gave each its own form and function.


Hail Inanna, Lady of Heaven and Earth! Hail, Star of the Evening,

Lady of the Largest Heart,

Queen of rarest deeds proclaimed
Help us to gather our power from the Heavens,

And to walk to ways of the Old Ones with new eyes.

Be with us now in your radiant glory: Lead us on the great journey

Hail and Welcome!

Hail Ereshkigal, Lady of the Underworld!

Mistress of the Seven Gates, 
Lady of Irkalla, help us to move beyond ourselves 
And our fears, and see all endings with new eyes. 

Be with us now in your dark splendor: Watch over us as we visit your realm

Hail and welcome!


Feel yourself firmly rooted into the floor. Your feet flexing on the ground, every toe connecting with the earth. Observe the channel of your spine and notice your energy sinking down into the earth.

Visualize before you the Gates of Babylon (see photo). You are on the brink of entering another world. If you choose to walk through the gates before you, your life will never be the same. Beyond these gates lies the Akashic library – all the spiritual knowledge that ever was, is and will be. The storehouse is vast and open to you, if you have the courage to step through the Gates of Time.

Before you is Ereshkigal, wise grandmother wearing the head of a lion, who walks with you through the land of endings. Old ways are dying. Listen to her wisdom as she whispers in your mind. Listen carefully as she gives you a message of courage. She is the gatekeeper. If you wish to proceed, ask her permission and walk through the gates. Hear the lion’s roar in your heart as you step over the threshold and feel the portal’s energy pulsing through your veins.

Before you is Inanna, the morning and evening star, holding a lion’s leash in her hand. Her radiance envelops you and you feel the energy of the storehouse of ancient wisdom throbbing around you. Allow her to walk you around. Touch any volumes that attract you and absorb its teachings through your skin. Focus on the top of your head and notice any sensations you experience. Then shift your attention to the center of your forehead and see with your Inner Eye. Feel your throat and listen for any words of wisdom that you may hear or speak. Finally, place your hands over your heart and commune with the Goddess of Love, who stands beside you. When you feel complete, allow any energy you may still retain to pass down your spine and into the earth to be recycled for another day.

When you are ready, return to the land of the Living through the Gates. Take a few deep breaths and relax fully from your grand adventure with the Queen of Heaven and Earth.


Hail, Lady of the Evening Star! I praise you for your bright courage and for helping me to harness my potential. Go in peace with my thanks and blessings. Hail and farewell!

Hail, Queen of the Underworld! I praise you for your dark wisdom and for embodying the power of the portal. Go in peace with my thanks and blessings. Hail and farewell.

Allow your awareness of the sacred space and the Goddesses to recede from your conscious as you extinguish the incense and remove the sacred objects from your altar. Eat and drink something to further ground you.

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