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Feeling Ruff? Sumerian Goddess Gula May Have the Cure

April 21, 2020

Ever feel like a good cuddle from your dog helps restore your health?

Thanks to the ancient Sumerian Goddess Gula, you might be onto something!

Gula is a goddess of healing, daughter of the creator God Anu and mother to two sons, Amu and Ninazu, and a daughter, Gunurra – all healing deities. She was helpful to those trying to conceive a child, and we won’t mention how she could also be called on for curses. 

Originally, this goddess was known as Bau, a Sumerian goddess of dogs. At the time, dogs became associated with healing when people noticed how much faster dogs’ wounds healed when they licked them. Ta da! – the goddess became associated with healing as well as canines! 

Doctors’ knowledge of the medicinal arts was said to come from Gula. But at her temples, it wasn’t the snakes of the caduceus but her sacred animal, dogs, that could be found everywhere. Buried beneath the ramp leading to her temple at Isin, the remains of more than thirty dogs were found. Also found were ceramic figures of dogs with Gula’s name carved into them, usually in doorways to protect people from harm. In fact, inscriptions found in the area make it abundantly clear that burying dog figurines, or having actual dogs themselves, were seen as charms to protect homes from evil.

So dog lovers out there – in these dark times, where disease and illness, as well as negativity, are around us in abundance, rejoice! Give your pet a great big cuddle and offer up a prayer to Gula. It may just be all the protection you need!

Ishtarfest 2020 is still planned for this October! CLICK HERE for details!

Disclaimer: Obviously, if you become ill, a cuddle from a dog won’t be all the medicine you need – please also head to a doctor to get yourself checked out!

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