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Good News for the Animals

February 20, 2020

Last year our theme for the year was Heal Mother Earth. We often hear negative and scary news. In the spirit of Pronoia (the antidote to paranoia, a term coined by astrologer Rob Brezny), here are a few environmental victories in 2019:

  • An NRDC lawsuit forced more endangered species protections for giraffes.
  • The Gulf of Mexico whale has been granted endangered species status.
  • Stronger protections were put in place against the trade of Asian otters, giraffes, sharks and vaquitas at the global summit on endangered species.

Stay tuned this year as we report some of the positive changes that our world has made toward Healing Mother Earth.

By the way, our theme for 2020 is Dancing With Light and Shadow. Come to our events or check back here to find out more about how Hands of Change interprets this theme.

Source: NRDC


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