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Dancing with Light and Shadow at Imbolc

February 6, 2020

There is no light without darkness; there is no shadow without light. This is a time of year that reminds us of how inextricably woven the light and the dark is. The light and dark can be many different polarities including God and Goddess, warm and cold, sound and silence, Yin and Yang. The truism is that one contains and is dependent on the other.

So what does this little bit of philosophy mean at this time of year? Here in the Northeast the weather is cold and although the days are growing longer, the nights are still longer than the days. Looking out my window at 7 a.m., it is still pre-dawn — there is light, but it’s a muffled light shrouded in a bluish darkness that hasn’t yet welcomed the sun for the day.

Although we may be longing for longer and warmer days in February, many of us thoroughly tired of the winter, this cold dark time serves a purpose. It’s a time when we can be indoors and spend quiet time looking inward. Especially with Mercury in Retrograde coming up, this inward focus on personal goals and projects is strengthened. It’s a time to regroup before the energy of the sun is at its fullest, drawing us outside into the hubbub of spring and summer.

Use this time for introspection and completion, to work on the things that you have been putting off. This Sunday’s full moon in Leo is excellent energy for motivation, courage, and rekindled passion. Take advantage of the coming month to really dive deep inside and focus on yourself.

The goddess Brigid is traditionally called on at this time of year, not only for inspiration, but also as a goddess of hearth and home, assisting us in kindling the fires within as well as the more literal fires of heating and cooking. Look inside for that fire seed that will give you the courage to create anew.

We ask Brigid now for her blessings that she may inspire us during this month and provide healing, creating, and joy throughout the cold times.

Bright blessings!

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