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Back to School

September 7, 2019

Here we are in September already. A busy Summer is winding down and I hope all of you had a wonderful time. Here at HOC we had a successful Ishtarfest, Pagan Picnic, and Full Moon ritual as well as several personal trips, camping and picnic events by individual members.

As I’m sure you all know, school will soon be starting. There is a good chance that those of you with young children will sometimes be sending them in with a packed lunch. I urge you to think about not only their health, but that of Mother Earth as well. Rather than a plastic bag of munchies, send them in with a piece of fruit, preferably locally grown and organic. Apples and pears will soon be filling the farmer’s stands, as well as lots of fresh vegetables right up until frost and while the supermarket won’t have locally grown offerings in the winter, they will have organic to choose from.

For sandwiches, puddings, cut up fruit, chicken legs, cheese, left-overs from dinner the night before – whatever you’re sending – consider putting them in reusable containers with snap on lids instead of throw away plastic zip lock bags. Let the young ones pick a cool lunch box – the choices are plentiful – and help them understand the importance of caring for the Earth by using a thermos with a screw top lid instead of plastic water bottles. If your kids like using straws, use paper or the reusable kind instead of the plastic used once and thrown away.

For those of you with older kids, encourage them to either join, or form, an environmental club in their school. Campaign to ensure their school has a recycling program and that the trays and cups they use in the cafeteria are not Styrofoam, but either reusable or compostable.

If we are to have a livable planet teeming with life and biodiversity to leave to our children, and their children, we MUST change the way we do things. And we must educate the next generation. It’s up to us. If we don’t, how do we face our grandchildren and tell them we did nothing while their planet drowned in plastic?Thanks to all our you for caring!

Blessed Be

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