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Psychic Book Fair

January 30, 2019

Hands of Change invites you out to the Brunswick Square Mall for a Psychic Book Fair at Barnes and Noble, March 2nd, from 1-8pm! A handful of readers will be on hand for free readings, and Pagan authors and podcasters Tara-Love Maguire and Chris Orapello will be there for book signings!

Hands of Change will be using the money raised from this fundraiser for repairs and updates at G3 (including, but not limited to a weather/animal proof shelter for the sweat lodge mats, boardwalk thru the back lot, fance and parking lot work, etc).

Please print out the vouchers! Hand them out, email them, etc! The sale made during that time will only count towards the fundraiser if you have the voucher – so please have these ready to go!

Bring your friends/family, sit down for a reading or 2, and chat with other like minded people. Open to all open minded seekers! Hope to see you there!

Click here for facebook and meet-up events!

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