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A New Kind of Advent Calendar

December 8, 2018

We’d like to propose a new tradition for Yule this year – a two week advent calendar of kindness! Each day between now and Yule, pick one good deed to do for someone you like, or love, or can’t really stand, and just do it!

For example, one of my colleagues wanted my cornbread recipe when I mentioned making cornbread stuffing for Thanksgiving. I sent her the recipe and then decided to make it for myself again. When I was finished making it, I was inspired to put some in a container to share with her. She was surprised and delighted!

You can also be someone’s ding dong Santa – wrap up a gift or a plate of cookies, drop it at their door, ring the bell and hide! I do this with my kids when handing out cookies around the neighborhood. The look on some of the faces when they open the door is priceless!

What this time of year is really about is the spirit of giving. Bring some joy into your life this holiday season thru random acts of kindness! Spread the love out loud! Have a blessed holiday season!





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