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Ishtarfest 2018

May 3, 2018

The warmer weather is moving in, and you know what that means! The very essence of the Goddess is in the air, and with it, this year’s Ishtarfest is on the horizon! This year, we return to the Fertile Crescent to acknowledge and celebrate all that was birthed from there – and this year we’ll also be celebrating Goddesses from all over the map as we journey thru the Goddess chant during the Festival!

Hands of Change welcomes Grandmother (Elder) Elspeth, Enheduinanna (presenting the Inanna ritual)  James Jacob Pierri (the Iseum of the Sacred Lotus – presenting Isis), Robin Power (presenting Demeter) the Iron Garden (presenting Kali), Red Oak Grove (presenting/channeling Hecate) , and more! We are so honored to be able to host such a variety of groups! And I think I speak for the whole group when I say we are so thankful to have crossed paths with all of you!

And yes, bring the kids! Grandmother Elspeth is bringing back her stories, Jack Morrowin will be teaching impromptu magic (and there will be a show to follow!), I hear there will be crafts and games… and we’ll be surrounded by nature!

Don’t forget to dress up! Sumerian/Babylonian, God or Goddess of your choice – get creative! We’ll have members scouting out the best costume and there will be a Goddess Gift Basket for the winner! Not to mention, we’ll have a unique selection of vendors offering their wares and services for purchase!

And last, but not least, we’ll be ending the night with a bardic circle at 8:30pm… come with a song to sing, instrument to play, story to  tell, jokes, poems, or just be willing to listen! Drumming and dancing strongly encouraged!

We hope to be able to celebrate with you – because the community is what makes these events amazing! Click the Ishtarfest link to learn more, and we’ll see you in Uruk!

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