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And Our 2017 Theme Is…..

January 9, 2017

Hands of Change is currently celebrating their 20th anniversary as a formed coven, having formed in the fall of 1997 (more about our history can be found here). Since then, Hands of Change has grown in all aspects of community and spirituality by offering classes, public rituals, public networking events and support for the local community and serious seekers who regularly or occasionally choose to worship with us.

Whether you’ve been coming to our events for a long time or you just started exploring what we have to offer, Hands of Change is very appreciative of the support we’ve received over the past 20 years and we feel that we would not be here today without your efforts, your wisdom and your warmth. We would not be as strong or as successful if we did not have support of our local community and we would not be celebrating 20 years of service!

So this year, Hands of Change has chosen our theme to reflect our 20th year:


If you’ve been coming to our events within the past few years, you might remember working with the shadows, bringing the light in and last year, working with the phoenix. We’ve done so much transformation throughout the recent years and with 2017 being a 1 year, we thought it would be best to work with new beginnings while remembering our roots. We hope you continue to celebrate with us as we throw a fresh perspective on old traditions (see what I did there?) while continuing to grow and offer support to our community, you included.

Best Wishes For 2017!


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