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In Praise of Gratitude

January 14, 2016

They say that praying is talking to God and meditating is listening to God. I say that gratitude is co-creating with God.

According to the Law of Attraction, our dominant thoughts attract like thoughts and like things into our lives. So if we think, “I just can’t catch a break,” and focus on what is negative, we are in essence, demanding that the Universe give us more of that same stuff. That’s what’s prevalent in our minds, and that’s what God hears: a lot of thought clutter.

I promise that if you turn that sentence around, and think “I CAN catch a break! and then figure out how whatever you were about to blame as bad luck was actually good luck, that’s what God is going to hear.

Instead of “It’s raining today, and I can’t go to the ball game. I swear, I just can’t catch a break,” perhaps you can think, “It’s raining today. I did want to go to that ball game, but I’ve really been meaning to read the latest Rob Brezny book. What luck! I have a chance to read it.”

Gratitude is a muscle. We get caught in negative thinking habits and feeling sorry for ourselves. And then we ATTRACT more negativity into our lives. We have to practice gratitude every day to build our gratitude muscle tone. Start small. I don’t want you to overdo it. Think of three things you are grateful for today… It can be anything, even something really small. Today, I’m grateful for orange juice.

As your gratitude muscles develop, you will notice that your life is shifting towards happiness, maybe imperceptibly at first, but over time, as you recognize all the things you might feel grateful for, and attract more of those things, your attitude will change and life will seem lighter.


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