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Phoenix Emblazoned

January 11, 2016

This year Hands of Change has chosen the phoenix rising from the ashes as our theme. Last year we were searching for our own special light and slowly turning up the volume on it, till at Yule we celebrated the Festival of Light, pagan-style, and illuminated the Grove with light and love.

The light within us is now shining into the world and that fire is what the Phoenix rises from. This year we examine our personal transformation and what that means in our lives. What has burned away and what is still to come?

Our first public ritual in February gives us the opportunity to commune with the new-born Phoenix. The phoenix is the persevering soul who refuses to be defeated and redeems themselves through their tribulations. This is the symbol of resurrection and rebirth, of alchemically transmuting and reinventing ourselves.

In Egyptian the bird is known as Bennu, while in Turkish it is Kerkes and in Persia, Simurgh. In Greece, the phoenix was known to be gentle and to weep tears of incense. The phoenix, called Feng-huang or fire-bird, was the symbol of the Empress in China. To the Japanese, the phoenix was the Ho-Ho, and heralded a new era.

As we are the microcosm, our own transformation is the molecule of change in our world. It is our mission this year to discover the transformation that we have already attained and to radiate it into our greater community and world.


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