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Honor Gaia

April 12, 2015

What are your plans to honor Gaia this Earth Day (April 22)? Whatever they are, consider joining Hands of Change members in picking up litter in Old Bridge to help beautify the Earth Mother and help her prepare for Her day. We will be meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday April 18 at Gaia’s Garden Grove and then carpooling to another location to participate in the litter pick up. Afterwards, you are also invited to join us for a Thai lunch at a local restaurant (dutch treat).

Participating in community service is a way of repairing or healing our world (Tikkun Olam), which is a vital part of restoring the Divine Light as part of Kabbalistic teachings. As the Judaic mythology goes, when God created the world, he did so by pouring Divine Light into special vessels. Some of the vessels shattered, not being able to hold so much light, and scattered some of the light into the world, attached to the shards.

Part of the repair is gathering the light. Different views exist on what this actually means, but modern views tend to center on acts of social responsibility. We at Hands of Change look for opportunities of community service at each of our 8 sabbats, as well as the litter pick up to honor the Earth Mother.

If you are interested in joining us,  please contact Gaia to register and for location information. You will need to sign a waiver provided by the town of Old Bridge to participate in the event. Old Bridge will provide some equipment, safety vest and gloves. Sunscreen, bug spray, long pants and closed-toed walking shoes are recommended. Water will be provided by Hands of Change.

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