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The Color of Sound

March 28, 2015

On my drive home last night, I listened to a CD someone gave me. It was one of those CDs that I’d never heard of and had gotten because the person was moving and didn’t want it. It was bound to be great.

Out of my car’s speakers came noise and music. It was pretty awful. But I was determined to listen to it. Someone clearly had thought this was important enough to publish a CD for.

I let myself drift into the music and the noise. People singing in an operatic way, words I didn’t understand, moaning, birds singing, clanking sounds. Letting judgement go. Feeling the sound in my body.

The night seemed a little clearer and brighter. Less alone. Less lonely.

If light and clear could be colors, they would look like what the music sounded like I think.

The music brought back a memory from fifteen years ago attending Spring Mysteries (this week outside Seattle, Wash. run by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church. A ritual taking us to the underworld. The sounds of people moaning and crying out. Spooky.

Listen to the sounds around you this week. What do they remind you of? What senses besides hearing do they touch? How are they connected?


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