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Ostara Recap

March 26, 2015

Triptolemus, God of Agriculture, led the people in waking up the Earth and inviting Persephone of Springtime back from the Underworld. Persephone recognized the light in each of us and challenged us to find the seed of light and abundance that we all can grow and nurture this year. We charged quartz crystals using Odic breath and put our thoughtforms of growing light into them. Then we planted them to be nourished this season and to bring back to the Grove at Litha for further work.

If you attended the ritual and want to interact a little more with Persephone this season, check out these  Fun Facts.

You can also use your crystal for meditation on the Light. Hold your charged crystal in your dominant hand and imagine Persephone blessing it with the light of Springtime. What images and feelings do you get while holding the crystal? Can you see your light growing?

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