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The Power Of Water

March 9, 2015

If you drop something in water, it usually sinks through the water to the bottom. Sometimes if it’s something filled with air, it floats at the top. It is the nature of the object in the water that determines what happens to it.

Water is malleable. At the sea, it will flow around shells and driftwood as it rushes up the beach. But it’s also strong – a wave can knock us over.

In the form of snow, it can be slippery or crunchy, wet, soft or hard. The eskimos have 53 words for snow (50 Words for Snow). It has so many qualities and can feel like so many things.

Over the next few weeks, as all the snow melts in New Jersey, pay attention to how the water changes. What does the snow become and do? How can we learn this lesson of water?


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