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With Attachment Comes Suffering

March 2, 2015

One of our members threw a beautiful hand-made Kali mask in the bonfire at Imbolg. Several people around the fire gasped as the mask twisted and melted into the flames.

The truth that wasn’t revealed by the flickering light and the darkness was that the mask had seen better days. It was starting to tear; it was dirty and careworn. It’s time had come and gone.

We often hold onto our things and sometimes our ideas when they no longer serve us. We collect things, people, stuff that isn’t needed or helping us anymore. It’s tough to let go of things, even to find time to go through our stuff and decide that it’s time to let go.

Our stuff takes on a life of its own. We use our stuff to remember our past. It becomes alive with thoughts and memories. But it really is just stuff.

Literally or figuratively we can hold our stuff (physical or emotional) in our hands. If it gives us joy, then we should keep it. If it doesn’t, it’s time to let that go. The same idea can be applied to old sweaters, to relationships with people that weigh us down, to commitments that hold us back from our spiritual and personal growth.

Often it’s tough to say “no.” When presented with an opportunity, we want to say “yes.” But if we hold that opportunity in our hand, so to speak, and we feel guilt, obligation, dread or any other negative emotion, “yes” isn’t the right answer. It’s more than okay to say “no” if something doesn’t bring you joy and doesn’t make the world a better place.

Start to let go, little by little, of things, ideas and people that aren’t contributing to your joyful experience of this world. Do so with kindness, both to them and to yourself. Find a new home for them, but allow them to live somewhere else.

Bright blessings,



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