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Happy Thanksgiving!

February 16, 2015

What! Thanksgiving in February? That’s right. One of the best ways we can communicate with the gods is to express our gratitude for their many blessings.

Sometimes when we are in a bad emotional place, it’s difficult to think of anything that we are grateful for. It’s hard to imagine that we’ll be happy again or feel grateful even for the difficult time, but we learn lessons from exactly those hardships. And later on we remember those harder times and are grateful we’ve come through them.

When we wake up in the morning, if we can think of three things that we feel grateful for, it helps to bring more happiness into our world. Like attracts like, as we know, so the more we choose to focus on what is good in our lives, the more light will enter and the happier we will feel.

Start small, if it’s hard to think of something to be grateful for. Be grateful for a hot shower, or something good to eat. Be grateful that you have arms and legs (some people don’t).

Every day try to think of three new things to be grateful for. Gradually, you will get into the habit of noticing what blessings are in your lives and more blessings will come.

Express gratitude to those people you love — tell them you love them, tell them how much you appreciate them. Name the specific things that they do that you appreciate.

Express gratitude to the people who annoy you — it will be easier to have compassion for them.

Thank yourself every day for all the good choices you continue to make. Appreciate how hard you try.

Open yourself a little more each day to the light that surrounds us and that emanates from the Divine Realm. It is our birthright to be happy. Notice your own happiness and let it grow.

Bright Blessings,



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