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Raising Your Vibration

February 12, 2015

In an effort to increase the light in our lives, I’m sharing the following excerpt from online talk show host Heather Vale:

“Pick something that always makes you smile, and choose to think about that when you want to be happy. Short on money to pay the bills? Hold on…think about that beautiful, perfect orchid. Savor the thought. Doesn’t it make you happy? Feel the happiness surging through your body.

Take it a step further and carry a picture of it with you, or something that reminds you of the thing that makes you happy. And every time you think about this thing, focus on the feeling. Allow the happiness to spread through your body and grow.

This is known as “raising your vibration,” or “putting out a good vibe.” On a molecular level, everything is made up of particles, and these particles vibrate and attract other things that are vibrating on the same frequency. That’s what the experts mean when they say “like attracts like.” And emotions are what really dictate what frequency you’re vibrating on. So misery attracts misery, anger attracts anger, and happiness attracts happiness.

Focus on raising your vibration for a full 16 seconds. Studies say this is what is required to manifest what you want.

So breathe in for a slow count of eight while holding that happy image in your mind…hold your breath…then breathe out for a slow count of eight. Smile and continue to think about that happy image before allowing the thoughts of your current reality to creep back in.

Now let’s take this even further. How can you experience these little breaks of happiness that propel you forward toward success, all day, every day…even without focusing on that key thing that makes you happy?

Treat every action throughout the day as something joyous and miraculous. Are you drinking a cup of tea? Here’s how to get the most from the simple pleasure.

Feel grateful that you have access to this wonderful beverage that uplifts you, and that a seemingly simple bag of leaves in a cup of hot water could produce such a fabulous result.

Sip your tea. Enjoy the taste. Savor it. Breathe deeply and feel the happiness rushing through your veins.

Focus on the moment and the emotion of happiness. Don’t let the day’s hustle and bustle distract you from this oasis of joy…just for a few minutes while you consume its pleasure.

Feel the sense of accomplishment and success you get from actually completing something that brings you joy, and allowing it to do so.

All done? Breathe deeply, smile and look forward to the next pleasure that life will bring you in just a couple of minutes.”

(From Success and Happiness, Leading experts reveal their secrets)

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